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Strut-and-Tie (STM) Resources

posted Feb 5, 2014, 9:47 PM by Domain Admin
Strut-and-tie model (STM) has been gradually accepted as one of the practical design and analysis tools for complete structure member and also D-Regions. There are several of websites created for promoting the use of STM by providing theoretical background, code provisions, design examples, research and technical papers and reports, including softwares; for examples, the strut-and-tie resources website by Prof.Kuchma. However, the development of new resources of the method including practical design cases is very rapidly increasing and cause the needs of more updated information available to the engineers everyday.

CAST software for STM

To help promoting this powerful method and response to the huge demands from the practicing engineers, I decide to write series of short blogs relevant to hints, tips, and summary of the use of STM including some design aids, calculations, cases studies, software uses, and updated researches of the method.

If you have any comments,suggestions,or ideas to share with me, please contact me.